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More than a Password Manager.

It's mobile peace of mind.

More than a password vault...

AllSafe is an ultra-secure personal information vault that stores and protects your passwords, web logins, email accounts, credit cards, and bank accounts. With iCloud and email backup options, you can securely store a password protected backup of your data that can later be used to import to a different iOS device. Rest assured that your data is safe and secure, protected by our state-of-the-art 256-bit AES encryption.

AllSafe protects against the loss of financial and personal information due to common password issues such as using the same password for multiple accounts, leaving written passwords in plain view, or keeping credentials in a computer file that is lost or stolen. In addition, you no longer have to remember your passwords.

AllSafe is a password and personal data protection application you can trust. No other product offers the combination of security, ease of use, and convenience that AllSafe can. AllSafe is more than your personal information vault, it's mobile peace of mind.

AllSafe for your iPhone is available now in the App store.


Features and Benefits

  • State-of-the-art, 256-bit AES data encryption
  • Extra security with locked and hidden folders
  • Mask data in fields containing passwords, PIN's or security codes
  • Automatic password generator – create strong, secure passwords with the press of a button
  • Custom Security Settings:
    • Idle Timeout Length – securing app and encrypting data when iPhone is idle
    • Password Attempts Allowed – limits the number of failed password attempts
    • Lockout Duration – time app is locked once the failed login setting
  • Encrypted backup to iCloud or email
  • Pull down menu makes switching between folders effortless
  • Sort by record name, type, or date
  • Search finds data quickly. Search current folder or all open folders
  • Set-Up Wizard helps you enter your information quickly and painlessly
  • Auto-fill minimizes the time to enter commonly used data such as usernames and web sites
  • Place and organize records in folders or create new folders
  • 16 pre-defined templates for common items including web logins, bank & email accounts, credit cards, private contacts, prescriptions, insurance, memberships, vehicle info, secure notes, and more
  • Edit templates or create your own to customize your data the way you want it
  • Copy field contents such as username or password to the clipboard to paste into Safari or elsewhere
  • Initiate web logins, phone calls, email, and map display with just one tap with our actionable field system

IOS 10.0 or greater

iTunes (22 Ratings)
"I liked how much easier it was to enter in my info compared to other I've used. One of the dreaded things about these kinds of apps is having to actually put all your info in it. This app helps to make that process much less tedious. The navigation is easy to understand and looks great too!"
-by Tagnal
"So easy to use! Love the password generator. Now I can create secure passwords without worrying that I'll forget them. Job well Done AllSafe."
-by Mermaid***
"Safe, secure, always available, easy to use and affordable. What more could you ask for?"
-by Steel Pony 6
"Finally an app that will help me manage the endless number of passwords I have established. Very intuitive and easy to use interface. Very clean app. Seem to have thought of everything I would want to do re: password filing, etc. Hats off for a great app!"
-by SanTunes
"Effective and easy to use password management app. If you know you need to manage your passwords better but have put it off because of the burden of setting up a complicated solution, this is you app. The UI is clean and easy to use. The getting started wizard makes it quick and easy to create an initial set of your most commonly used passwords. There is a great set of built-in template types, for example a Combination Lock template (hadn't even thought about that one). There is no browser integration, but managing plug-ins, form filling options and mysterious browser behavior that can come with other more ambitious apps can be a headache. No landscape mode. Syncing requires drop-box."
-by rhondation

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